50 Ways To Market Commercial Real Estate

As a commercial real estate professional, your marketing strategy is an essential element in your overall success. Step up your marketing efforts with these fresh ideas to help you generate new leads and close more deals. Below are over 50 ways for you to effectively market your commercial real estate business, services, and property listings:

Social Media Marketing
  • Set up social media accounts for professional use (separate from your personal accounts)
  • Complete your bio in each social media platform to include where you are located, your specialty, and your contact information
  • Stand out from the crowd; be unique and give your brand a voice
  • Invite friends, family, co-workers, and clients to follow your social media pages
  • Follow other commercial real estate professionals and companies
  • Use social media to network online with other influencers in your market
  • Join social media groups and engage with other members often
  • Be consistent; post on a regular basis on each social media platform that you are on
  • Include social media follow buttons on your website and blog so your readers can easily follow you
  • Use a social media scheduler, such as Viraltag, to schedule your posts in advance
Your Website and/or Blog
  • Make sure you have a commercial real estate blog so you can easily be found online
  • Post original content to show your expertise, market news, and current listings
  • Post consistently, such as once per week, and vary the content that you publish
  • Include keywords in each of your blog posts to boost your SEO
  • Include your contact information on your website
  • Include client testimonials on your website
  • Use high-quality photos on your site
  • Market your blog posts on social media
  • Use Google Analytics to track how many visitors your site gets, where they are coming from, and popular posts
  • Set up an opt-in form to capture email addresses from your readers and grow your email list
Personal Branding
  • Get a professional head shot photo and use it on all of your social media pages and blog bio
  • Write a short, but strong bio, to introduce yourself and your real estate services
  • Prepare a 30-second “elevator speech” to use when you meet new people
  • Ask your former clients for a positive review or testimonial; add it to your blog and share them on social media
  • Define your personal brand (what makes you unique?) and develop a marketing strategy
  • Attend local networking events and join local associations
Email Newsletters
  • Grow your email list by adding a sign up form to your blog
  • Make sure your email newsletter templates are responsive to look good on every devise (phone, tablet, or computer)
  • Use alluring subject lines so people open your emails
  • Personalize each email by using the recipients first name at the top of the email
  • Prepare a drip email campaign that sends out automatically when someone signs up for your email list
  • Set up a dedicated landing page on your blog for email newsletter sign-ups
Property Listings
  • Share all of your current listings on your social media pages and on your blog
  • Write excellent property descriptions and provide as much detail as possible about each listing
  • Include high-quality property photos; hire a professional real estate photographer if needed
  • Have a dedicated page on your blog to showcase all of your available listings
  • Include your available listings in your email newsletter (link to the page on your blog)
  • Prepare professionally designed brochures, flyers, and offering memorandums to distribute to potential tenants and buyers
Leads and Clients
  • Include your leads and clients on your email list
  • Send personalized emails to specific clients who may be interested in a specific listing you have
  • Use a commercial real estate CRM software to stay organized and track your clients needs
  • Send a personalized, hand-written, thank you note to clients after a transaction closes
  • Check in with your clients a month and a year after their transaction closes to see if there’s anything else you can help them with
Local and Print Advertising
  • Advertise your business in local print publications
  • Create a high-quality mailer to send to a specific target audience
  • Sponsor local community events
  • Use custom designed banners and signage to advertise your listings
Online Advertising
  • Create an advertising budget (per property, per month, or annually)
  • Advertise your services and your available listings on Facebook
  • Advertise your services on Google
  • Make sure your advertising copy is to the point and reaches your target audience
  • Partner with other associations, websites, or local businesses to include an ad on their website or in their newsletters

You can reach your ideal client, spread the word about your company and the commercial real estate services that you offer, and sell more properties in your local market by utilizing these marketing techniques. Plus, having a personal blog can help you to be easily found online. If you’re ready to start your blog, check out this easy step-by-step guide to get started.

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