Why CRE Agents Need A Blog

Every commercial real estate professional should have a blog; there’s no question about it. Over the past several years we have seen blogs take off; getting thousands of viewers per month and being one of the most effective forms of marketing your business. If you are on the fence about starting your real estate blog, let’s talk about how blogging can make a huge impact on your bottom line.

Get More Leads

It’s common practice for people to turn to the internet when they are looking for a product, a service, or information. Think about it; how many times in the past week have you Googled something that you needed? I’m guessing it’s a lot! When a potential customer looks online for a commercial real estate agent in your city, with your specialization, will that person find your information or your competitors? Most people don’t go past page one of the search results, so Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of your marketing strategy. When you have a blog, your posts will include specific key words that lets Google know that you exist, and makes it easier for potential clients to find you. What’s great about SEO is that you are generating new leads organically simply by having a web presence and a blog that you consistently update.

Blogging: The Low-Cost Marketing Tool

Having a commercial real estate blog will be one of the least expensive forms of advertising that you will ever pay for. We all know that advertising can be quite expensive; think of the cost of print ads in local newspapers, magazines, or trade publications; the cost of banner ads online; or even the cost of doing mailings. While these traditional forms of advertising should still be considered as a part of your marketing plan, your blog will cost you next to nothing. Your web hosting and domain will cost you about $100 per year, and that’s all you have to have to get up and running. What other form of advertising will cost so little, yet provide you with such a high ROI? There isn’t one. Blogging is literally the most cost effective form of advertising there is.

Widen Your Reach

When you combine blogging and social media together, you can reach quite a large audience. Let’s say you spend an hour writing a blog post about current commercial real estate news in your market. That blog post goes live, and you share it on a couple of your social media accounts and go on with your day. It’s easy, and very common, for your followers to share your content as well; which it then reaches their followers, and so on. Since your blog post “lives” on the web, you write it once and for days, weeks, and even months to come that post can be found easily and read by your potential clients, and shared numerous times over and over again.

Give Your Brand A Voice

Blogging is one of the absolute best ways to give your brand a voice. Letting your personality shine through as you write your blog posts gives both your current customers and potential customers an opportunity to connect with you. Share your experience, your expertise, and add value to your brand, all while building credibility and attracting new leads.

The Best Marketing Tool For CRE Professionals

I have seen first-hand the amazing power that blogging has. Blogging is an easy, proven method to market yourself and should be an essential part of your marketing plan. It’s not just “a” marketing tool; it is the “best” marketing tool due to the ROI that it provides. If you’re ready to boost your bottom line, start a blog today and dedicate an hour or so once a week to writing a post. You will be glad you did.

To get started today, check out this easy step-by-step guide to setting up your domain name, web hosting, and WordPress site in less than 15 minutes. Or, just head on over to Bluehost to get started.